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Marcus Images - Graphic & Web Design, Internet Marketing
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al•ter e•go [awl-ter ee-goh] Another side to one's self; a second self. [Latin: another I]

  1. Marcus: Artist, Designer, Athlete, Actor, Enigma
  2. Wrestler: To fight (another person) by holding, throwing, etc, without punching with the closed fist.
    • Terminator: Single & Tag Team Wrestler
      Affiliation: FCW (Tag Team Champion), NWA (Heavyweight Champion), All-Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Wrestling.
    • Fury - The Wrecking Crew: Single & Tag Team Wrestler
      Affiliation: WCW (Tag Team Champion), All-Japan Pro-Wrestling, CATCH-Europe (Tag Team Champion), WWS-South Africa (Tag Team Champion) and All-Stars Australia (Tag Team Champion).
  3. Actor: Person who performs, entertains by role-playing.
    • Marcus Beiber (Lead): "America's Most Wanted" - FOX
    • Spike (Supporting): "Hi Honey I'm Home" - Nickelodeon
    • Alien Guard (Extra): "Adventure's Of Superboy" - Nickelodeon
    • Gym Manager (Extra): "Adventure's Of Superboy" - Nickelodeon
    • Football Player (Extra): "Any Given Sunday" - Oliver Stone

Marcus Images
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